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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

internet generation

Today, at work we had nothing to do. I work as a temp and when there is no work, we can do as we please at our desks. Generally, I will either knit or embroider and occasionally "surf the net." Today was no exception.

The first thing I decided to do was catch up on some current events - - and ended up reading an article about grocery shopping. I found a great website - grocerygame where you can search for coupons all in one place! The coupons can be stored in your online account (free) and then printed at your leisure. I found about 15 coupons for products that we commonly use. Pretty cool.

From there, I search for recipes on my two favorite recipe sites - allrecipes and eatingwell. Once I found some recipes, I made my grocery list. All in a day's work!

It gets better, though. I am heading to Colorado in a few days to visit my best friend who is having a baby - tomorrow! I wanted to relearn how to crochet so I can work on something on the plane. Google here I come....learn to crochet immediately brought me to, which offers great tutorials accompanied by youtube videos! What an informative day!lionbrand

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