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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

whims and goals

I have a very interesting job. I work as a temp for an educational firm in the Quality Assurance department. Basically, I check data printouts with the web versions to make sure the data transferred correctly. I like it. I can listen to audio books while I work and there is absolutely no stress! Yay. Lately, we haven't had any work...maybe 15 minutes of small jobs here and there. While we wait for work, we can do basically anything at our desks. The past few weeks I've done the following:
-read Harry Potter (almost done the whole series for the millionth time)
-read other books
-listen to Pandora
-knit mittens and start a baby blanket
-learn how to crochet
-facebook stalking
-blog searching
-search for bag patterns and tutorials on the internet
-search for new recipes
-make my grocery lists
-finish a few Sew Cute! projects that can be done by hand
You get the idea. If I could bring in my sewing machine, cutting mat, and rotary cutter, I would be the happiest gal alive! I am seriously thinking about it! With all this "free" time, I could be designing and making beautiful bags. But instead, I sit here and dream about how I am going to go home and create. Then, I go home and am tired! Probably from doing nothing all day...or it could be my 9 week secret =).

Today, I got the idea to remake a bag I have had since sophomore year in high school - so that's 1996 - it's a great bag - bought it from Aeropostale on clearance for like $7. Bright orange canvas, small messenger bag style. It was great for day trips and weekend trips where you are walking all around and need to carry the essentials - wallet, phone, water bottle, snacks, hand sanitizer (yes, I carried little hand wipes back then, too!). I always brought this particular bag with me to the Soul Fest, a Christian music festival in NH. If you are reading this and went to either high school or college with me, I am sure you remember this bag. Anyway, I realized the other day that it would be a perfect bag to take with me to the Museum of Science, though I didn't want to carry around a bright orange bag while wearing a bright red jacket! So, I thought, Meg, you make handbags, you can make this bag! Thinking about it now, I am going to find some fun decorator fabric (the heavier fabric at craft/fabric stores) and something to imitate the strap and make myself a bag. Maybe two. One for winter and one for summer. Then, I thought, as I was taking my walk at break time, I can sell some, too! Who doesn't need an all purpose bag? I'm so excited about the prospect of this now, at 3:30 pm, but I know when I get home, I will be sick and tired! Well, that is what weekends are for. Sewing! I'll try to find my orange bag and take a pic of it for you all (my two followers) to see!
Happy blogging.

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