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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Planning for Fall

I know we just barely started summer here in New England, but my thoughts are to the cooling down of temperatures and the changing of wardrobes. Why? I'm developing a new purse line for Sew Cute! and want to take my time and make it wonderful. While I am dreaming up new purse patterns, I also want to pay attention to fashion trends.

I found a blog that follows fashion trends - - and looked up the hot colors for Fall 2010. If you are interested in reading the whole article and seeing the various colors, click here. The gist that I got: mixing travel/adventure and "going green". From exotic blues and magentas to rugged military greens and metallic greys and blacks, this fall should be interesting. And, I hope to make my bags just as so!

Let's look at some possible fabric swatches....

chocolate brown, golden glow, exotic:

golden glow, rugged:

amy butler fabric/lotus

fashion futurism, brocade, refined elegance:

After checking out a few other blogs, I found a blogger who gave a list of the Fall 2010 Textile and Fabric trends. Check out "Love is Life" here. It seems we are in for some heavier fabrics - twills and velvets. She echoed the metallics and the following color schemes winter flowers - teal/burnt organge/grey, navy/dk - lt poppy/lime/turquoise, plum/burgundy/rust.

The military look is also back "in" for Fall 2010. How about some industrial messenger bags to complete your look?

What color scheme would you want in your fall bag?

  • coming up next: Fall 2010 fashion trends for bags and accessories

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I feel like it has been forever since I have listed a new item in my etsy shop! And, that is because I have been working on a huge custom order for one of my parties. I am working steadily on the bags (especially trying to get some done while my husband is in Haiti for the week) and thought I would share some of my creations with you!

Sweet Pink Mini-Tote! A first in two fabrics!

Divine Lime! Love the new fabrics!

Most popular fabrics! A new twist on the black and yellow birdie fabric.

I have a couple other bags that are almost done and will post them soon! In the next few weeks, I would like to try something new with my blog - a tutorial! I like to make matching key chains to go with my bags and since they are super easy, thought I would share!!! So, be on the look out for my key chain tutorial coming soon!

Wouldn't you just love a matching key chain for your Sew Cute! bag?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big News

Hello! I've been neglecting my blog and twitter accounts lately because we've been busy at work! I thought I would take some time to write and then catch myself up on the blogs I follow! I miss everyone. =)

The first bit of news is baby related! Doug and I went for the ultrasound this morning - 21 weeks and counting! Our baby BOY is healthy, strong (95% for size), and very modest - he wouldn't let us know "who" he was until the very end, keeping his legs crossed the entire ultrasound!!! It was wonderful to see my baby's form - truly a blessing and miracle from God.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well. Psalm 139:14
Seeing my child inside of my womb makes me wonder how people can not believe in a mighty, sovereign, loving God.

I should have some pictures coming soon; my husband is scanning them. I'm wondering what the next stage in my pregnancy will bring - we've started our registry, so we'll have to finish that. We have signed up for our hypnobirthing class (not as crazy as it sounds, believe me!) and I'm slowly (yes, I am very happy about this) gaining weight. So far, 10 pounds. =) Grandpa Gray has painted the nursery, now we just need to fill it with baby stuff! should be fun!

Another big set of dear friend Amanda is getting married this weekend!!!! Doug and I are happy to be part of her big day...I'm helping coordinate the ceremony and reception and my husband has the pleasure of officiating the ceremony. We are so excited for our friends...marriage is a wonderful blessing. Congrats Mandy and Tim!!! It will be a beautiful wedding weekend.

On the bag front.....I had my third Sew Cute! At Home party a few weekends ago and came home with another HUGE order. The success of my little business is mind-boggling and a little stressful - with a full time job and pregnancy hormones to manage. I've been sewing away on my new orders and will get some pictures up soon. I've decided to take June off to get ready for my baby BOY (quilt, crib skirt, nursing cover, bobby get the picture!!!), but will then reevaluate for the rest of the summer depending on my energy levels! At the very least, I will stock up my etsy shop, Lucy's Art Emporium, work on my business plan, and get ready for some fall craft fairs.

A special shout-out to my wonderful husband, Doug - he has been amazing during my pregnancy (and all five years of marriage!!!) - going out for late night cookie runs in the rain, ordering out when he knows I will be too tired to cook, and adapting to my ever present crying. I love you, honey!!!

Whew! That was quite a lot to update. =) Talk soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Meal: Lighten Up!

Well, the weekend is over and work has begun. Well, not in my department - no work, yet...but I am still here and not home in my cozy sewing room listening to Erin Dooley and making bags...I digress.

I found a recipe that I used a few months ago and thought I would share it. I love Macaroni and Cheese! Any kind, any time, don't touch it! My husband knows after five years of marriage that he does not touch my mac and cheese unless I give him the go! I have a wonderful homemade recipe that I found in a Martha Stewart Food Magazine (yum), but is totally artery clogging and guilt inducing. This recipe - Lighten Up - Three Cheese Macaroni is from Food Network and as the title implies, is much lighter. I would not say this is "healthy", but if you love mac and cheese and have a conscience about your heart and's a good one to try.

A few notes about the uses evaporated milk instead of whole milk. I heard on the radio last week that to lighten up mac and cheese you can use evaporated milk - same taste and texture, less calories. The recipe also calls for muenster cheese and much less cheddar than usual. I read it wrong when I made mine and put in less muenster and more cheddar (oops)...but give it a try. I have heard that using a sharper more tasty cheese (and less of it) works just as well as Emeril's 4 cups (no kidding) of cheddar/monteray jack. For the veggie lovers out there, this recipe also includes cauliflower. The theory is to puree the cauliflower to thicken up the sauce and add some nutrients. I (again) didn't follow the directions and put the cauliflower in small pieces. I would recommend pureeing!!!

FYI - I have also heard that using cottage cheese or ricotta cheese in these baked pasta dishes cuts down unwanted calories. I use cottage cheese in my lasagna and the hubby loves it!!!

So, basically, my notes tell you to FOLLOW THE RECIPE!!!!

Doug liked it - couldn't tell the difference between this and my super-fattening Martha recipe. I thought it was good - minus the cauliflower - as a lowfat alternative, but nothing trumps my Martha!!!!

So, if you have a craving for some comfort carbs, check out this recipe from Food Network. Let me know what you think!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Filling up the shop, day 3


How was your Monday? Mine was great! I did a lot of promoting (yes!) and as a result, got a sale (double yes!). So, you know how my goal for the week is to list an item everyday on etsy? Well, yesterday, I gave my Facebook fans a sneak peek of some of the new items and one of my friends bought an item! So, I listed two items yesterday - that counts for two days, right? =)

I just listed a new item for today. This coin purse matches the mini-wallet that I posted yesterday. I just love this fabric! It's so cheerful and fun. These coin purses are great because they can fit more than just coins - lip gloss, money, cards, etc.

So, what's in store for the rest of the day? After I finish my "day" job, I'm going home to have dinner with my husband and then finish a medium tote from a custom order. I also have a Sew Cute! at home party to prepare for this weekend. Well, have a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Filling up the shop

Happy Monday! I did quite a bit of sewing, promoting, and thinking this weekend....among helping throw a bridal shower for a dear friend! I realized I need to pay more attention to my etsy shop in the midst of completing Sew Cute! at home party orders - a task that is not so easy! I did have some wallets, coin purses and a bag sitting in my sewing room and made a goal to fill up my shop this week!

My cousin, Kaitlin, did this a month or so ago. She set a goal for herself to list one item a day for a week and see what happened in her shop. I started yesterday and listed a new item for Sew Cute! - I have branched out from basic, one pocket clutch/ wallets, to a wallet that has one main pocket, and then some credit card divisions. Here it is:

Find this in my etsy shop - click here

Wicasset by Moda Wallet

Today, I listed an item that is a bit more "springy". This floral mini-wallet is super bright and just wants to go inside your bag! I have a matching coin purse that will be unveiled soon!

In other areas of Sew Cute!, my huge order is slowly coming to an end! I have one and a half bags left to complete. I've learned quite a lot during this process as well as sewn every spare minute I have. Here are a few things I will put into practice:
1. Charge more for custom orders! They take time - more time to pick out the fabrics, go to the store, figure out which button the customer would like best, etc.
2. Put more in writing! I need to make sure I specify that custom orders cannot be returned. Customers need to be told to be very specific about their likes and dislikes if they are going to "trust me".
3. Order thank you cards and new business cards! I'm running low on business cards and I want to incorporate some matching thank you cards I can send to customers.

Finally, Here are some photos of a few of the orders I recently filled:

Cassie's Order: Black & White Mini-Tote, matching wallet and keychain

Melissa's Order: Custom Alchemy Order - Scoop Pocket Purse

Have a great day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Finds: Baby Style

Etsy Baby Picks!
LillieandBean Nursing Cover Funkyshapes’ green & cream baby booties
Malindi Grace baby hat Shelleywallaces’s Who’s Hatching book
Coffeelady’s sweater PoxCouture’s green pacifer clip

When shopping for baby showers, why not buy handmade? These are just a few of the thousands of baby items on etsy! Thanks for viewing my very first mini-treasury! So exciting.