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Friday, April 2, 2010

a little bit of Spring

Sorry, I haven't been around all week! I actually had to work, at work! Crazy, huh?
I have a few updates for you and a few treats as well!

Last Saturday's bag party was fantastic! I sold a ton of purses, wallets, mini-wallets and booked a party! I am extremely overjoyed that Sew Cute! is on it's way....feels hard to believe that a year ago I hadn't even thought up Sew Cute!. I need to remind my self of God's faithfulness and provision at all times of this business venture....even when I'm so tired from being pregnant and have HUGE bag order looming over me! So, the party took in over $500 worth of orders. Now the job is to order fabric, start making bags, and figure out how much is actual profit, how much goes to my investor (dear Mom) and how much to put back in the business. It is quite a learning process.

I am also toying with the idea of getting thank you cards made - I may do them myself with publisher or check out etsy to see if there are any crafters out there who can do it for me! I need bags as well for my bags! Or somesort of packaging. I've heard the Dollar Tree offers some great deals on smaller bags (for wallet, keychains, etc), but I need to explore larger options for the mini-tote and the regular totes. Hmmm....

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the Spring table runner I was making? Well, I finally have the photos! It is so pretty and looks great on my kitchen table.

The finished product!

A close up view.

On an end note, the giveaway is almost, go to the giveaway post and enter to win one of my new zippered coin purses!


  1. LOVE the runner! i may need to order one from you :)

  2. Loving my purple savvy purse!!