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Friday, March 12, 2010

Shop Local!

Happy Friday! My mother-in-law's birthday is coming up next week and I was thinking yesterday that it would be cool to shop local. Maybe it is because I make my own handbags and sell them that I thought of this or because I have spent a lot of time on Etsy this week. I've been reading forums, blog posts and just acquainting myself more with the site and the world of crafting for business.

When I was perusing Etsy, I noticed a "Shop Local" tab and clicked it. You can search for Etsians who live in your area! I found a local Etsian who lives right down the road from me in Rochester and she has super cute jewelry. MamaLuna11 Her pendants are made from old Scrabble pieces...I'll let you check out her page for more info....check her out, seriously! So, I ended up looking through her shop and purchased a gift for my mother-in-law (hopefully, she is not reading this blog post!).
This is one of the pendants from Mama Luna's shop!

I just got me thinking about shopping locally. Outside of Lucy's Art Emporium in Dover, where I sell my bags, there is a big sign that states "shop local". In these hard times, it makes sense to support local artisans who are trying their hand at making some money doing what they love to do. And, if it is interesting and fits with our style/needs. So, next time you need something new or for a gift - shop local! Check out Etsy!

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  1. Thanks for the blog post, Meg! I really appreciate it! It was great to meet another local etsyan!