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Sunday, January 10, 2010

entering the consignment world

It's official. Sew Cute! is now being sold in stores! A friend referred me to her friend's store, a quaint, artsy shop in downtown Dover, NH. Today, I brought three bags to the shop and signed up to be one of her consignment sellers. It feels pretty cool.

So, now I enter a phase of life that doesn't seem to want to slow down. This is ok. I'm excited about making new bags for Lucy's Art Emporium. The prospect of making custom bags through my Sew Cute! At Home parties is a dream come true. I just need to figure out the balance =).

What's coming up this week?
*shop for fabric - I'm looking for two specific charm packs by Moda
*make some bags
*prepare the promotions for Sew Cute! At Home - coming up at the end of January!

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